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About us

      Beijing Scistar Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative enterprise which is engaged in materials and equipment R&D, production and sales. Company founder graduated from Chinese Academy of Sciences and they study and work for many years in the corresponding research field and have a deep understanding for "suitable material and equipment is hard to find".  For scientists the high-quality materials and samples are the key factors to achieve high-quality research results. The raw materials, samples and equipment we provide is mostly verified by the corresponding researchers. we strive to make everyone who cooperate with us without worry and hesitation.

     Our company has a good technical team composed of many professors, associate professors and  senior engineers. Our team have good experience in synchrotron radiation technique and its application, high-temperature and high-pressure experimental technique and vacuum equipment. We can provide reliable experimental design, convenient operation and accurate test data  according to the customers' requirement. Our self-developed equipment, such as high-temperature and high-pressure equipment, high-temperature furnaces, in-situ synchrotron-radiation experimental equipment, laser heating equipment and et. al, have reached the international advanced level. 

      Beijing Scistar Technology Co., Ltd has always adhered "around the scientific research, service the scientific research" as the goal and strive to provide a full service for researchers. We selected some good-quality and low-price instrument and reached cooperation agreement  by continuous investigation and trial. we strive to provide an one-step service for laboratory construction. Our service aim is: you give us your room and confirm your plan, we provide you modern laboratory and save your time to do some research.

      We will follow the market-oriented direction and take the production and technique as the core and  establish a more comprehensive R&D, production, sales and after-sales service system to service better the customs.

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