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Electrochemical Operando Cell


Electrochemical operando Cell (EC-FXAS-III) is a unique operando cell for synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption spectroscopy characterization in the electrochemical field. This type operando cell is optimized from the EC-FXAS-II. Compared with type II, this type cell has a better air-tightness design, and equips with the gas inlet and outlet to make the product more comprehensive and complete

Main features:

  1. The operando cell is a customized electrochemical cell, which can be applied for X-ray absorption spectrum characterization in fluorescence mode.

  2. The operando cell can collect the operando XAFS data during the electrochemical reaction.

  3. The size of this type operando cell is designed depending on the special Lytle box of synchrotron radiation stations, which is convenient for the user to adjust the optical path and greatly improve the experimental efficiency;

  4. The body cell is made of PEEK materials, the volume is about 50ml; Sample size can be adjusted (> φ10mm<x<22mm) for easy disassembly;

  5. Fluorescence mode window size: φ15 mm; 45 degree angle with X-ray incident light.

  6. Optical window can be made of various materials: Kapton film, high purity beryllium window and organic window.

  7. Inlet and outlet valves are installed in the body cell to meet the requirements of different atmospheric conditions and tightness of electrochemical reactions.

  8. The whole installation of the device is simple and fast, and the cleaning of each component is convenient.

  9. The liquid thickness can be adjusted to meet different experimental requirements.

  10. The kinds and sites of electrodes, including the reference electrode and the counter electrode, can be replaced depending on the users’ demand. The working electrode is customized carbon electrode.

Optional accessories: Kapton film, high purity beryllium window, other types of optical windows.


Patent numberZL2017 2 1129719.0

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